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Lasting Partnerships

Regardless of company size or industry, film production has proven success working with each client to visualize the brand story and create compelling visual content. Take a look at our featured clients below.


Creative Synergy

Radio and Television of Slovakia is a public institution that provides services to the public in the field of radio and television broadcasting on the basis of the Act on RTVS. It consists of two organizational components: Slovak Television and Slovak Radio, which in 2021 commemorate 65 and 95 years since their establishment.  It currently broadcasts on six stations (RTVS 1, RTVS 2, RTVS 3, RTVS Šport, RTVS 24 ).


Shared Vision

It all started on May 1, 1953, with a test broadcast from Studio Praha in Měšťanská Beseda. Since then, it has entertained audiences for more than 70 years. It currently broadcasts on six stations (ČT1, ČT2, ČT24, ČT sport, ČT :D, ČT art).


Fruitful Collaboration

Filmworx cooperates with many producers on the Czech and Slovak film scene. He also produces film projects independently.

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