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documentary series 2023

Slovakia, 12 x 26 minutes

Produsers: Jaroslav Niňaj, Peter Neveďal

Creative producer: Jaroslav Niňaj

Production: Milan Gucman, Pavol Kadlečík, Martin Petruš,

Director: Milan Gucman, Marek Ťapák, Lukáš Straka, Jana Pirohová, Matúš Menn, Martin Palúch, Matúš Chovanec, Slavo Zrebný

Script: Stano Gurka, Miška Materáková, Zuzana Ferencová, Daniela Ondríková, Ivan Mrva, Martin Šenc, Dominika Kolenčík, Martin Palúch, Jaroslav Niňaj

Color corrections: Bronislava Brtáňová

Sound: Peter Kučera

In the northeastern part of the Lesser Carpathians, on a low promontory, lies Smolenice Castle. Its former ruins, after a generous reconstruction in the first three decades of the 20th century, turned into a magnificent romantic castle. Surrounded by greenery and an English park, it is a real decoration of the whole area. Every year, visitors come here who want to get to know its elegant interior, relax for a while in the castle courtyard and enjoy the enchanting view from the castle tower of the Trnava region and the highest peaks of the Small Carpathians located in its immediate vicinity.

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