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The Magic Stone

fairy tale 2019

In one fairytale land, people lived contentedly for many years, they had their usual joys and worries, they enjoyed the surrounding nature, the majestic forest. They did not mind that the estate was abandoned and had no master. They had peace and could live freely. No one knew that the arrival of the estate meant a change in life for the worse. And the inhabitants of the forest kingdom, which was not only beautiful, but also strange, did not even know it. In addition to wild animals, birds and butterflies, fairies, goblins, dwarves and other magical and more or less charming creatures, invisible to the human eye, lived here. The rulers of the forest gave the strigones Bendegúz (Ady Hajdu) and Sebela (Zuzana Bydžovská) a magical stone that had the power to fulfill human wishes. The Strigôn made a bet whether people would abuse the power of the magic stone or use it for good deeds. And so the pebble got into the world of people, and the peaceful life of the inhabitants of the forest, the picturesque village and the manor awaited great changes. What happens to the magic stone? Will Bendegúz or Sebela win the bet?

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