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The Christmas Star

fairy tale 2020

The star Svitushka, which forms a pair with the admired Sirius, will one day be knocked down to earth by the jealous star Proxima. The scroll falls into the village where the teacher Václav lives, who finds it and takes care of it. The scroll only has a few days to get back into the sky or it will burn out. She relies on Sirius to come save her, but he doesn't because of Proxima's intrigues. Václav goes every evening to watch the princess who is skating on the frozen lake and with whom he is secretly in love. Once Svitushka goes with him and the princess appears, Svitushka, who is losing her strength, lights up again. This was caused by the power of Václav's pure love for the princess. With her help, Václav will keep Svitushka alive until she returns to the sky.

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