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7 days of Sin

Drama 2012

This film was inspired by real events that took place in seven post-war days in Šumperk in 1945. The escape of the wife of the Czech forester Jan, Agnes, is shrouded in mystery. Only she herself knows who is looking for her and why. Her disappearance stirs up Jan at a moment of mutual crisis, when their childless marriage is almost in ruins. The war is over and not only people from the hinterland are returning home, but also German soldiers. Not a choice, but the fate of the Štvanci people brought together Jan and Jurgen, who had just returned from the front. Both men are looking for Agnes, wife and sister in one person. She is still fleeing through the wild forests, pursued by the most powerful man in the district for her testimony. The path leads across the mountains to the knowledge of the fate of a mutual bond, into which Jan's first love Marie unexpectedly enters. 7 days home to the game reserve Čečel becomes a symbol of mutual search and longing for a lost home.

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