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Comedy / Drama 2014

Little Peter (Richard Labuda, grandson of Marián Labuda) grows up in the care of his grandparents (Milan Lasica, Libuše Šafránková), because his parents emigrated to Vienna and since then they have been trying in vain to get him through the authorities. That is why Peter invents all sorts of ways to get across the border, for which the commander of the local border guards (Ondřej Vetchý) has less and less understanding. But Peter has much bigger problems with a group of black guards who enjoy tormenting weaker children. Among those who are on Peter's side are a "slower" classmate and a very nice friend, because of whom he does not hesitate to repeatedly and thoroughly beat the Black Guards. As the sixties draw to a close and conditions in the country change dramatically, he finally opens up to Peter a dream trip across borders, but going on it means losing grandparents, friends and unforgettable adventures.

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