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In Silence

Drama 2014

The 1930s and 1940s left a devastating mark on the world that affected every social class, regardless of education, worldview, gender or race. Nazi Germany and its ideology began its work of destruction in 1933. Many artists fell into disfavor, were not allowed to practice their profession, were persecuted. Nazi laws eliminated the so-called "non-Aryan" artists and subsequently applied these standards in all European countries occupied by them. The film V tichu reveals 5 destinies of Jewish musicians and performers, whose piano and music helped ease the suffering in concentration camps, or ease the fear of the inevitable arrival of impending death. Karol Elbert, Alica Flachová - Pastorová, Edith Kraus, Arthur Chitz and Jozef Weiss - names that should have been forgotten and whose talent should have been erased from cultural consciousness forever. The film, in a stylized way with precise film aesthetics and a strong musical component, reveals the happy and carefree life of the main protagonists in contrast to the humiliating, painful and most difficult part of their lives.

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