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History Lesson

documentary 2013


Slovakia, 2013, 59 min

Director: Dušan Trančík

Slovakia – Hungarian question. Students discuss the 1920 Treaty of Trianon and many related topics.

June 4, 1920 is the day the Treaty of Trianon was signed. The Versailles summer ninety years ago thus witnessed the division of the great Hungary. Austria-Hungary was punished together with Germany, Bulgaria and Turkey for starting the war and war expansion. However, the biggest punishment was inflicted on Hungary. While for the former Czechoslovakia and Slovakia in particular the Treaty of Trianon has a fundamental and existential significance as the fulfillment of the idea of the "right to self-determination of nations", for the Hungarians it is a violation of the right, a confirmation of the annexation of a large territory inhabited exclusively by Hungarians. The film History Lesson attempts to shed light on the complexity and perspective of the Hungarian-Slovak relationships and demystify unfounded ideas and opinions.

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