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IMT Smile a Lúčnica

musical / documentary 2016

Musical / Dance / Documentary

Slovakia, 2016, 110 min

Director: Paľo Janík ml.

Script: Ivan Tásler, Paľo Janík ml.

Camera: Paľo Janík ml.

Actors: Ivan Tásler, Ján Ďurovčík

Edit: Peter Pavlík

The picture describes a unique project that drove the whole of Slovakia crazy and even reached beyond its borders to the Czech Republic. The combination of the traditional in the form of the Lúčnica ensemble with the IMT Smile band led by the popular and charismatic singer Ivan Tásler and the directorial effort of Ján Ďurovčík did not leave the audience cold, the captivating tones of folk music in a unique combination with the work of the Prešov musical formation turned many viewers into dancers. Sold-out concerts, unceasing applause, thousands of enthusiastic fans, all this and much more will be part of the IMT Smile and Lúčnica: Made in Slovakia film. However, you will also look behind the scenes of this unique project. You'll take a peek into his "kitchen" and we'll show you what's behind the project...

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