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Martin Ťapák

documentary 2017

Martin Ťapák is a prominent figure of cultural and social life in Slovakia. He is called one of the best Slovak directors of the 60s to 80s. However, his creative period is much broader and covers the years 1945 to 2000. He created around 100 films, most of which he was not only the director but also the author of the theme and script. Film, as the relatively youngest art, is the most complex as well as the most massive. Martin Ťapák's work is characterized by an inventive, sophisticated approach, which carries with it a significant artistic value, but can also appeal to a wide range of viewers. Some of his works are not only appreciated by critics, but at the same time endowed with unceasing audience interest, which is evidenced by the regular, yearly reruns of his works on television. Especially during the Christmas holidays, it entertains and makes new and new generations of viewers laugh. His films depict how our ancestors lived, worked, rejoiced, celebrated and mourned. We have the opportunity to get to know the customs, folklore, dances and people from the almost disappeared world of our village, the life of the simple Slovak people, who are inseparably connected with nature and with their ancient, now almost forgotten customs.

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