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12 Sparrow Thumb

cartoon 2022

Genre - animated fairy tale

Technology - digital HD, color, 16:9, stereo

Art - 2D animation

Producer - FilmWorx

Co-producer - Animoline

Duration - 6,5 min.

Number of parts - 13

Target group - 3 +

Target medium - television

Financial support - Slovak Audiovisual Fund

The Naughty Barborka is a series intended for children of preschool age.

The heroes of the individual parts of the cycle are animals. By their personification appropriate transmission of the message to children is achieved.

Naughty Barborka accompanies us throughout the cycle. It is a growing bird,

which recognizes its surroundings. Thanks to the adventures he experiences with animals, he learns the basics

values of life.

And not only her, but also the children.

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