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Slovenská Ľupča

documentary series 2023

Slovakia, 12 x 26 minutes

Produsers: Jaroslav Niňaj, Peter Neveďal

Creative producer: Jaroslav Niňaj

Production: Milan Gucman, Pavol Kadlečík, Martin Petruš,

Director: Milan Gucman, Marek Ťapák, Lukáš Straka, Jana Pirohová, Matúš Menn, Martin Palúch, Matúš Chovanec, Slavo Zrebný

Script: Stano Gurka, Miška Materáková, Zuzana Ferencová, Daniela Ondríková, Ivan Mrva, Martin Šenc, Dominika Kolenčík, Martin Palúch, Jaroslav Niňaj

Color corrections: Bronislava Brtáňová

Sound: Peter Kučera

One of the most preserved and typologically interesting Slovak castles - Ľupča Castle - rises above the village of Slovenská Ľupča on a rocky promontory of one of the southern spurs of the Low Tatras, at an altitude of 440 meters above sea level. The fact that it was not purposefully destroyed after the suppression of the anti-Habsburg uprisings and did not become, like many other Slovak castles, only the torso of its past glory, is due to the fact that it was the property of the Hungarian state at the end of the 17th century. In addition, it has been inhabited, used for various purposes and, thanks to this, continuously maintained throughout its entire history up to the present day.

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