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When Dragon Has a Headache

fairy tale 2018

Slovakia / Czechia, 2018, 99 min

Director: Dušan Rapoš

Story: Petr Šiška (kniha)

Script: Dušan Rapoš, Petr Šiška

Camera: Ján Ďuriš

Music: Dušan Rapoš

Actors: Karel Gott, Kamila Magálová, Kateřina Brožová, Miroslav Šimůnek, Zuzana Mauréry, Ján Koleník, Zuzana Žáková, Jakub Jablonský 

Production: Petr Šiška, peter Neveďal, Jaroslav Niňaj

Edit: Dušan Milko

Sound: Bohumil Martinák, Michal Horváth

Scenography: Jaroslav Šutara

Masks: Milan Vlček

Costumes: Alena Schäferová

Barborka and Tomik spend their holidays with grandma and grandpa in the blacksmith's workshop under Dračia skala, where the unconventional helper, the two-headed dragon Čmoudík, works with all his might. Once, when the children are about to sleep in the cave together with the dragon, they discover an old map on the wall of the cave, and Čmoudík, one head of which speaks Czech and the other Slovak, begins to tell an exciting story about the creation of the kingdom of the Dragon, the great love of Princess Adéla and Prince Janko, about a long-term curse and the terrible Dragon, about the evil elf Blivajz, but also about the secret of the Forget-me-not meadow, a lost dragon egg and a pair of kangaroos. Are you interested in when dragons dance hip hop, how Christmas is celebrated in a dragon's cave, what magical power a dragon's tooth that has not been brushed for a hundred years has, and especially why a dragon has a headache?

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