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documentary 2018

At the end of the 1960s, Alexander Dubček was at the head of many significant social changes. But Brezhnev quickly changed what Dubček meant. On August 21, 1968, the armies of the five armies of the Warsaw Pact invaded Czechoslovakia and definitively buried the democratization process in our country. The narrator of this story is Dubček himself - so the fiction line is an image of his subjective recollection, his interpretation of the historical events of 1968. The second parallel line, also fiction, takes place in the mid-seventies. It is actually just one day, during which more or less dramatic flashbacks from 1968 arise in our hero's mind and which describe his social humiliation. The third line is non-fiction, illustrative, explanatory and, let's say, documentary, in which archival materials are used, which are a necessary addition to the docudrama genre, but also a necessary information aid...

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