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The Final

documentary 2016

Documentary / Sports

Slovakia / Czechia, 2016, 70 min (Alt. 89 min)

Director: Paľo Korec, Dušan Milko

Script: Paľo Korec, Dušan Milko

Camera: Ján Meliš

Music: Peter Aristone

Actors: Antonín Panenka, Karol Dobiáš, Zdeněk Nehoda, Marek Hamšík, Martin Škrtel

Edit: Dušan Milko

Sound: Bohumil Martinák, Igor Baar

40 years ago, Czechoslovakia became the champion of Europe. The masters from Belgrade 1976 were the heroes of many children's dreams and it was a great glory. Phenomenon. What is left of him? Heroes celebrated then, ordinary men today, memories and fading glory that fades with the memory of those who lived it with them. An interesting and audience-appealing authentic documentary about football and football players, especially about their fates, will revive our memory. The film tells the story of today's heroes, Slovak representatives who advanced to the EC. About their mutual, perhaps merciless confrontation, the way of thinking then and now. Some of the Belgrade actors feel damaged, while others shrug it off, or will just remember their youth with a smile...

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